Stuff we love: B is for Bowie

If you’ve never seen Neil Summerour’s astonishing lettering skills in action — or even if you have — then watch as he works on a concept for a David Bowie lettering piece.


Stuff we love: type

It’s true. We’ve always been smitten with typography, type designers, and products that use type in both subtle and overt ways. Type is a handmade good in its own right. It‘s an art form —  one we hav ...Read more


Robot + Poster = Robot Poster

True story. And if you like us on Facebook, we’ll send you one of these limited-edition, 24″ x 37″ posters designed exclusively for Fairgoods by illustrator Samuel “Sho” Ho. It’s a robot. ...Read more

Makers on making

We talked to makers Rachel Rivera, Palette Industries, Adam and Kim Blanchette (of Blanchette Press), and Stephen Wilde about why they make.

In the works: The Stencil Set idea

In the works: The Stencil Set idea

The idea for the stencil set started in a pizzeria. That’s where Corey Holms was when he spotted a neon cerveza sign and was inspired to create his Ne10 typeface. 

Welcome to the Fairgoods Blog

This is a place where you can read about products in the works. You’ll also find extra features about Fairgoods makers and products, plus anything we come across and love —  people, things, maybe the ...Read more