Type Paris – Week Three and Four!

Week three – how quickly time is moving in this program! Monday, July 4th we welcomed Alice Savoie, and Xavier Dupre as guest instructors for the day. Our tracing paper sketches were mostly refined at this point and we were getting close to starting on the computer.  Alice and Xavier gave us some awesome and helpful feedback.2016_typeparis16_drawing-the-perfect-shape-using-bezier-curves-03

Tuesday – we scanned in our drawings and got a crash course for the Glyphs and RoboFont software. We learned where to draw our points, how to properly use bézier curves, space letters, and to keep our sizing and shapes consistent. Once we knew the basics we started drawing our letters – how incredibly cool it was to be able to type words and sentences with letters we drew from scratch!  We worked on digitizing all our lowercase letters and started drawing our capital letters on Thursday. My typeface in the glyphs app below:


On Wednesday we were lucky to have Peter Bilak as a guest instructor and speaker. He talked with us individually about what secondary weight we should do for our typeface and encouraged me to exaggerate my details in my bold italic.


On Friday we took a trip to visit André Jammes’ father’s beautiful bookshop, Librairie Paul Jammes. André was incredibly interesting and great story-teller and spent the time teaching us about Pierre-Simon Fournier, an 18th century punch-cutter  André published a book: Collection de spécimens de caractères and generously gave each one of us a copy!!


This Monday we had to have all our lowercase and uppercase letters digitized!  It was a long weekend but we got them finished.  We spent monday-wednesday tweaking every letter as well as starting on punctuation and numbers. For next monday morning- we need to have most of the lowercase letters digitized in our secondary weight and by the end of the week we will be giving a presentation of what we created. You can watch our presenations live here.

Wish me luck (and hopefully some sleep!)

Group photos by Dave Coleman

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