Fort McMurray Enamel Pin

As a Calgary-based company, we have been saddened by the events affecting Fort McMurray, Alberta. The wildfire that started on May 1st is now almost the size of Prince Edward Island has displaced many Albertans, destroyed homes and continues to expand. Jun 1st marks the beginning of a staggered re-entry for some of its’ residents and starts the long road of rebuilding the community.
In a collaboration with our sister company, Uppercut, we will be selling a limited edition Fort Mac pin to show our support. All proceeds will go to the Fort McMurray United Way. The United Way is an agency that will focus on the re-entry and rebuilding process in the town of Fort McMurray. 
The United Way of Fort McMurray believes in Community Impact, a movement towards creating meaningful, long-term improvements to the quality of life in Wood Buffalo. Our goal is to improve lives through education, social innovation, and by engaging our community, giving our agencies the tools to succeed.

This Fort Mac pin features 14K gold plating with soft enamel and a rubber clutch. Pin is 1 inch tall. Pricing includes shipping costs.


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