Taylor Swift’s Trip to Coachella Was Everything

Last weekend, the first of two Coachella music festivals took place in Indio, California. The weekend was packed with highlights, from out­there festival fashion to amazing live music featuring everyone from Sia to Guns ’N’ Roses. Weirdly, there were even people filing their taxes at the festival. Truly anything can happen at Coachella. Most importantly, however, the festival attendees were blessed by the presence of pop music’s reigning queen. It’s hard to believe it, but this year marked the first time ever for Taylor Swift to catch some rays and some tunes at the renowned event. While it’s not uncommon to see celebs wandering the field and nodding their head to the music, the festival was finally immortalized with the Taylor stamp of approval. Naturally, Taylor documented her fest outing with a series of perfectly curated Instagram posts and, well, it’s the sort of thing that’ll have you screaming “yasss!” at your computer screen.


While we can’t all be a mega cool blonde bombshell, we can capture a small piece of the magic with the Be Swift pin. Stick one on and pretend you’re chillin’ at ‘Chella with pop music’s greatest artist.
From the “Bleachella” caption to the Blue Steel look to the seriously badass bomber jacket, everything about this photo is fierce as hell. Rather than go for the standard flower crown hippie look, Tay Tay showed up at the festival looking like a fully fledged rock star. Everyone else better watch out.
Speaking of flower crowns, Taylor gracefully laid them to rest with this classy black­and­white photo. Tay and her squad are posted up with this year’s other hottest accessory — the choker necklace. Thank you for bringing the ‘90s to Coachella with you, Taylor. tay2


How can you look at this photo and not throw your computer out your office window as you shriek the phrase “squad goals” at your coworkers?


Here we have Taylor kicking back in the California sunshine with the members of HAIM as well as Serayah (best known as Tiana on Empire). Everywhere she goes, Taylor brings the best of pop culture with her.


Wait — this is the ultimate squad goals. We’re shaking in our seats. We’re hyperventilating. Here’s Taylor hanging out with her collaborator and friend Jack Antonoff, along with her fellow pop goddess Lorde. We’re weeping at our desks.
She’s not just posing with her buddies at Coachella, however. Because Taylor’s exactly like us, her and her friends freak out to pop hits from the sweaty crowd area. Here, she’s belting out the words to Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” On Instagram, Taylor writes, “I will NEVER forget this moment.” Us neither, Taylor. Us neither.



Maybe Taylor is so down with RiRi’s “We Found Love” because it was produced by Calvin Harris — the exact man she found love with. Here, Taylor is blissed out as she stares on at her beau. And, well, that’s exactly how we feel while we look at this photo.



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