Blowing it

The world is a rich and wonderful tapestry made up of all kinds of different people, but we’ve all got one thing in common — at any given time, for various different reasons, each and every one of us will do something stupid. Rather than feel down on ourselves, however, our goofy moves and general mess­ups can also be celebrated. Sometimes we’re jerks for doing the wrong thing on purpose, and sometimes we mean well but still completely blow it. Either way, one thing is for sure — the world is a ridiculous place.

Fashion Disaster


Look, we all deserve to indulge in a little schadenfreude every once in a while, and the Toronto Fashion Week was the place for some mean­spirited laughs. Canadian designer Mikhael Kale pieced together an excellent collection of new clothing that was tested even further when a faulty runway caused a major fashion disaster. The CBC posted a video where, in perfect timing, you can watch eight models simultaneously stumble over the exact same spot on the runway. Perhaps the silver lining is that we can now see how versatile Kale’s clothes are in a high­energy situation. Either way, we’d say we feel bad about laughing but we really, truly don’t.

Indiana Jones, Sr.

Not satisfied with the astronomical amount of cash they’re raking in from the Star Wars and Marvel universes combined, Disney has announced plans to forge ahead with yet another Indiana Jones movie. While it was rumoured that Parks and Rec brat Chris Pratt would take over the Indy role, it turns out that Harrison Ford is going to carry on the film franchise on his own. The movie’s set for release on July 29, 2019 — just six days after Ford’s 77th birthday. Maybe the ancient artifact Indiana Jones is pining after will be… himself.

Robbin’ Food

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Take, for example, a 27-­year-­old waiter from an IHOP in Brooklyn, who has spent the last year handing out free drinks. As the Washington Post reports, the man born William Powell racked up over $3,000 in drink freebies, and was arrested for larceny, petit larceny and possession of stolen property. As far as he sees it, however, he did nothing wrong. “I am a modern day Robin Hood; I am not stealing,” he said in the court documents. “I am serving the ones in need. I take from the rich and give to the poor.” If only more waiters had the same selfless bravery as William Powell.

Business Horse


To this day, the only thing preventing animals from becoming our bosses was our offices’ strict dress codes. Now, however, we’re one step closer to the possibility of letting horses be in charge thanks to a brand new three­piece suit. As the Huffington Post reports, former Alexander McQueen apprentice Emma Sandham­King designed a three­piece tweed suit (complete with hat) for a veteran race horse named Morestead. The suit took a month to create and is made from over 59 feet of tweed. The end result, however, is a horse that’s dressed for the job — much more than this long­ haired hipster horse that looks like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis.
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