DIY: Hankerchief wrapped gifts

Gifting a bottle of wine?  Why not wrap it with one of our fun handkerchiefs for something a little extra.  Is your friend heartbroken?  Wrap a bottle in one of our “Hot mess” or “Ugly Crying” handkerchiefs.  We have lots of designs to choose from.

How to:

Fold the top and bottom corners down, and place the bottle on the far left side of the hanky.  Begin rolling the bottle until the hanky is completely wrapped around.  Depending on the size of the bottle, you can tie the hanky with a ribbon, or simply the tie the ends of the hanky together to form a knot.

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You can also wrap a small box with a hankercheif, a perfect gift for a bridesmaid.

Here’s how:

Place your box in the centre of the hankerchief.  Take a corner from opposite ends and tie into a knot.  Repeat with the remaining corners for the final knot.  So simple!

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You can also make a kleenex box out of a hanky – perfect for your car or purse.  We made one using our “Nose Bleeds” hanky.

Here’s how:

Fold the hankerchief in half.  Using your sewing machine – or a fabric glue, sew the sides together.  After the glue is dried, you can slide in your kleenex into the slot.  Very easy.

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Fairgoods is an online shop that sells type and fun gifts that use that type.

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