DIY: Jerk Balloon Stress Balls

1aLife can get stressful, so we’re going to show you how to make some cheap and easy stress balls using our Jerk Balloons.

What you’ll need:
Jerk Balloons
All-purpose Flour
Two empty water bottles
Crazy Glue (optional)


Step One:

Cut one water bottle in half.


Step Two: 

Use the wide end of the bottle to scoop the flour and funnel it into the second water bottle.


Step Three:

Blow up a balloon and twist the end.


Step Four:

Keeping it twisted, stretch over the mouth of the water bottle that is filled with flour.

4a 5

Step Five:

Flip over the bottle and shake into the balloon.


Step Six:

Slowly let out the air in the balloon and gently massage the flour, removing any air pockets.


Step Seven:

Trim the Balloon as shown.



Step Eight:

Trim another Balloon as shown.


Step Nine:

Stretch this balloon over the balloon filled with flour, covering the hole.  Repeat this step 4-5 times, covering the previous hole.  This will keep the flour secure.


Step Ten (optional):

To make sure the balloon stays in place, glue along the inside of the hole.  If you use enough layers of balloons however, you can skip this step.

Step Eleven: Enjoy! Or buy a pre-made stress ball here.


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