Wine. Oh, wine.


We love wine. A lot. Which is good, because apparently there are some health benefits to the (moderate) drinking of it. But we figure you can’t have enough reasons to enjoy a glass, so here are 10 more:

•    It makes a tantrum-throwing child more tolerable.
•    Okay, it makes everyone more tolerable.
•    When paired with popcorn, it makes you feel a little bit like Olivia Pope.
•    We couldn’t get through family Thanksgivings without it.
•    Drinking champagne while you shop online is the closest you’ll get to being a Real Housewife of anywhere.
•    Anything that goes perfectly with cheese and chocolate is magic in a glass.
•    Two words: Drunk Scrabble.
•    A glass of it while flying makes airline food seem edible.
•    It makes karaoke actually seem like a good time.
•    Without it, your celebration of Bastille Day would just be weird.

We love wine so much we made this set of wine totes.

Fairgoods is an online shop that sells type and fun gifts that use that type.

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