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Our new Lukewarm Balloons are for people who have more realistic — and significantly less passionate — views about love. Call us hopeless romantics, but we think the best part of a relationship is when you hear those two special sentences: “It’s okay. I still love you.” If at least 15 of the 22 items on our checklist apply to you, congratulations: you’ve found your soul mate.



    • Your emails to each other consist of either appointment scheduling or adorable baby animal photos.
    • You have about 20 different nicknames for each other, but none of them are “boo.”
    • You have emailed them a link to what you want for your birthday or Christmas with the subject line “Buy me this.”
    • When you ask if what you’re wearing looks good, you’ll get an honest answer.
    • You regularly ask, “Are you listening to me?” because they usually aren’t.




    • Your romantic dinners are in front of Netflix.
    • If you celebrate Valentine’s Day at all, you celebrate it days later.
    • You know how much time you have before your significant other goes from hungry to hangry.
    • Agreeing on what movie you’re going to see has turned into an intense negotiation session at least once.
    • When you book a trip, someone else is your emergency contact because you usually travel together.
    • You consider watching your pet sleep, eat, or play a legitimate form of entertainment.




    • Digestive issues are discussed openly and in detail.
    • Your Man Cold is met with a mix of scorn and pity.
    • You’re in charge of consuming all of the cheese and wine when the other one starts a cleanse.
    • The treadmill you purchased together was used one time each. It is now a coat rack.
    • There is no bodily fluid too disturbing, but sharing a toothbrush grosses you out.




    • No need to wear pants unless you’re leaving the house.
    • You’re genuinely interested in each other’s weird dreams.
    • You say, “I knew you were going to say that” at least once a week.
    • Love singing in the shower, but have a terrible singing voice? No judgement.
    • You’ve given up trying to get them to put away the milk/take out the garbage/fold the laundry.
    • You gave them these balloons and they laughed.


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