Stuff we love: A to Zoë

Tommy Perez, a designer from Murrieta, California, created this wonderful series of letters using food. It’s a collaboration with his two-year-old daughter Zoë, which makes it extra adorable.

All images © Tommy Perez.


Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_B_Redo Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_C Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_D Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_E Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_F Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_G Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_H Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_I Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_J Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_K Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_L Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_M Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_N Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_O Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_P Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_Q Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_R Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_S Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_T Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_U Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_V Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_W Tommy-Perez_AtoZoë_X


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