Wedding DIY: Typographic pennants

by guest blogger Lauren Cooke of Betawife

What you’ll need:

• Premium wool felt (craft felt is a bit harder to cut) in two colors
• Wooden dowel 1/4-inch size cut to 1/8 inch
• Text template (I used Stephen Rapp’s Raniscript)
• Ultra-fine-point Sharpie or fabric pen
• Good, sharp fabric scissors
• Thread to match the flag color
• Sewing machine
• Pins
• Fabric glue

Nice to have:
• Rotary blade and self-healing cutting mat
• Tiny paintbrush
• Iron and ironing board
• Spray starch


Cut the felt into two pieces to make the flag. The triangle should measure 12 inches long (from center to point) and 7 inches tall. The skinny rectangle should measure 7 inches long and 1-1/8 inches wide.


Put your text template upside down on the felt. Using an ultra-fine-point marker, carefully and gently trace around the edges of the template. I prefer to use a marker that blends with the color of felt because it can sometimes bleed through if you apply too much pressure.


Cut out your lettering very carefully. This part tends to be tricky because it takes control and patience. A thicker, less intricate typeface will be easier to work with.


Pin the rectangle piece on top of the triangle. Use your presser foot as an allowance guide. You want to have enough room for the stick to fit into the little pocket you’re creating. Sew up the side closest to the edge (remember to back stitch), then pivot to sew across the top, and go down the second side. I used a zigzag stitch mainly for decorative purposes, but it can be a tricky stitch for beginners. A straight stitch works just as well.


Before applying glue, place your lettering so it’s exactly how you’d like it to look, then begin gluing one piece at a time. On the back side of the lettering, apply a thin layer of glue* and then carefully attach the piece to the flag. Any fabric glue will work — I’ve used many different ones — but just be sure it dries clear. For this tutorial, I used Mod Podge Matte with a tiny paintbrush. I like it because it doesn’t smell too glue-y and the paintbrush helps with control and keeps my hands clean.


I wanted to create a little stiffness to the felt (like a vintage pennant). With your iron on its high setting, spray starch on the back side of the flag and press it with your iron. Repeat if you like. (More starch = stiffer flag.) Important: Only iron your flag on the back side. The spray starch gives the felt a smoother texture, which can distort the lettering.


Insert wooden dowel into the pocket and admire your handiwork. These flags are perfect for your wedding photo booth!

All typefaces above are available through Fairgoods:

Yay – Raniscript by Stephen Rapp
All is full of love – Calgary Script by Ale Paul
Love Each Other – Kewl Script by Ale Paul
08.30.14 – Coquette by Mark Simonson

You can also order a personalized pennant kit from Fairgoods.

Fairgoods is an online shop that sells type and fun gifts that use that type.

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