DIY: Typographic fringe banner


by Caitlin Holcomb of FunCult

What you’ll need

  • Proxima Nova font by Mark Simonson
  • Ability to print out letters that are 15 inches tall and about 4.5 to 13.5 inches wide (I used a local print shop)
  • Gold tinsel garland (I used two 18-foot packs)
  • 1 yard of 18-inch white fringe
  • Frame matte-weight cardboard
  • Stapler, preferably one that works open
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • 76 inches of white cotton cord
  • About 60 inches of nylon string
  • White cotton thread
  • Needle
  • Pencil



I had my letters made as an engineering print at a local print shop. Cut your letters out using your cutting mat and craft knife, then trace them onto the cardboard with your pencil. My paper was curling, so it was easier for me to trace my letters backward. Once traced, cut your letters from the cardboard using your craft knife and cutting mat again.



Cut a strip of tinsel the width of the top of your P, leaving a bit extra to make a hem fold at the ends, which will prevent any unraveling. Place the strip and staple horizontally, in the center of the tinsel. Let the edges of the tinsel stick out a bit from the edge of the cardboard. This will make it look extra festive and ensure the cardboard edges aren’t obvious. Continue creating rows of tinsel along each letter for your banner. Once all of the letters are complete, feel free to go back in with small tufts of tinsel and staple wherever you feel needs a bit more coverage.




Take your white cord and cut it in half, tying each end in a knot. Cut 7 inches of thread and lay your fringe flat. Thread the needle and tie a knot about a ¾-inch away from the edge of the fringe, on the top band. Place one of the knotted cord ends at the top of the fringe, letting the knot sit just below the top band. Fold over the edge of the fringe, rolling and securing the cord into place, and begin to whipstitch the fringe band and cord together. Once secure, knot and complete it. Do this on the other side as well.

pie6 pie7 pie8


To string your letters together, thread your needle with the nylon string and poke through the cardboard, making sure the string is mostly hidden from the front. Leave 5 inches or so on each end of the P and E. With these ends, thread your needle into the white cord, just above where it meets the fringe. Loop, secure, and knot it. The cord is a stronger place to hang the letters from, so avoid hanging the banner from the fringe band. Before you tie the final end, hold up the banner and arrange the letters to drape in front of the fringe. You may need to either pull it up tighter or add more slack. Once in place, tie that end, and you’re ready to party (and eat pie)!

pie9 pie10 pie15

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