Stuff we love: Blossom type


Alice Mouoru, an art director at Zero agency in Moscow, painstakingly created the most beautiful alphabet set
using parts of flowers and plants.

b382844b069a466f3b1dd6074ec3d8790c8bb97d5a3638f31c435e772fa313e9  5b0d367582903c709221e46aac8df883 6c1248f788b855c959792bc1c5411c46  06e0ac811c3358eb3eabed3b033ef791  9d692232a0706d9aabc935fdca103d86      236d4f1301b2fa12662789bfeaaa92db  559e557bdc21c16068cf84ca634fc969 746eef93aa8242c404b0c7c4cf904061 960efddf3a07bed89eae97ee4dc952e2      c8b9ea55d95af473c5a60013cc667c66 c75c3bc8432cb009a914a39d0ba9f139  c327979fb4f1019ab1f889fff05ec325 ddef421c48ef371e04666a388dce6221 e586a5f45d241ae9fd9f86bb417a399c  f54ef22680d475d736306fb8521ef493

All images © Zero Agency.

Via Beatpie.



Fairgoods is an online shop that sells type and fun gifts that use that type.

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