Father’s Day DIY: Embossed leather tag and tie clip

tag by Jane Trash
1 supplies

What you’ll need:

  • Embossed Leather Tag Kit
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Low-tack painter’s tape
  • Wooden block or ruler
  • Hammer or mallet
  • Cutting board
  • X-ACTO knife

2 dip


Leather is more receptive to being stamped when it’s damp. Dip your leather pieces into a bowl of water. They don’t need to soak, just dampen them.

3 color change

Let the leather dry. It’s ready to use when it has almost returned to the color of dried leather.

4 planning


Try a few mock-up drawings before you start. You can use an X-ACTO knife to trim the shape of your luggage tag before you start.

5 taping


I found if difficult to eyeball the layout because it’s very easy for a few letters to be crooked and make the whole piece look wonky. So I used low-tack masking tape for my lines. (Tip: If you use a high-tack tape, it can tear at the fibers of the leather when you remove it. You can usually combat this by not pressing the tape down too hard, or use a bit of water on your finger to massage away the unwanted texture on the leather.)

Hold your ruler or wooden block on the tape line and put your letter punch up against the flat surface to ensure straight, properly lined-up lettering.

6 lined up


It’s hammer time. Do your hammering on a steady surface. You don’t need to use that much force — one sharp tap, straight down on the top of the letter punch should suffice. If you didn’t apply enough pressure, you can carefully realign the stamp and do it again.

7 hammer

Working on a proper cutting board will absorb a lot of the sound. (I cheated and used scissors to make a period on the tie clip.)

9 stamped

Gently peel off your layout material. Smooth out unwanted textures (See tip from step three).

10 scissors 11 cord

Loop your leather cord through the hole to complete your luggage tag.

me12 tie clip

Use an epoxy to glue your small leather-stamped piece to your tie clip. Let dry and wear!



Fairgoods is an online shop that sells type and fun gifts that use that type.


  1. I love these! I’ve just pinned and am so happy to find your very cool blog!

  2. Re: Masking tape in Step Three

    This is an old art school trick: apply the tape a time or three to whatever old t-shirt you happen to be wearing before applying to the leather. The fibers from the fabric help reduce the tack.

  3. What letter/number size is the punch set you used?

  4. hi! thanks for the tutorial. Where do you get the leather fabric you use? I found leather at a fabric store but seems to flimsy for luggage tags or anything sturdy.

  5. Tie racks for closets for storing your ties and belts : tie holder in closet. . 🙂

  6. THANK YOU so so much for this tutorial! I’ve been looking for a tutorial like this for ages! I am currently learning leather crafting, and after a few unsuccessful attempts, who almost drew me crazy, I listed my letter stamps on Ebay…I’ll take’em down and give leather stamping one more chance.

    Thank you!!!!


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