Mother’s Day DIY: Stamped paper flowers

We asked Craftcation attendees to make something with our Alphabet Stamp Set and submit it to us. The winning entry is a series of decorative paper flowers by Casey Starks of Vitamini Handmade. They make your wrapped presents extra special and can be used as unique, wearable accessories. That’s two gifts in one. (Not that mom is counting.)



What you’ll need:

Double-sided crepe paper in white (If you only have single-ply crepe, glue two pieces together with spray adhesive.)
Double-sided crepe paper in green or teal
Watercolor paint
Floral tape
Floral wire, in about 2.5″ lengths
Colored foil pieces (about 3″ squares). Metallic origami paper works well.
Baker’s twine
Cotton balls
Pin backs
Alphabet Stamp Set
Ink pads
Watercolor brushes
Hot glue





Paint the white crepe with broad brush strokes. Try different combinations in your mom’s favorite colors. Set aside to dry.




To make the center of the flower, cut a cotton ball into quarters. Holding it against the end of a floral wire, gather the colored foil around it and twist at the base.



Create a flower-petal template with a scrap piece of paper. My petals are about 2 inches long by 1.5 inches wide with a scalloped edge. Cut five petals from the painted crepe with the grain running vertically. Gently stretch the center and edges and gather the base of each petal.




To create the flower stamen, wrap the baker’s twine around two or three fingers 12 times. Holding it in a bundle, insert the end of the stem through the middle of the loops. Hold the twine at the base of the foil center and wrap with floral tape. Cut the center loop of the twine, then trim all of the pieces to the same length. Attach each petal to the stem with tape, slightly overlapping each one.




Cut a simple leaf shape from the green or teal crepe, about three inches long. Stamp the letters onto the leaves with contrasting ink. Make one for each of the mothers in your life!





Attach the leaf to the flower stem with floral tape. Wrap the tape down to the end of the stem. Using the pliers, bend the flower head forward and twist the stem into a spiral. Attach a pin back to the spiraled stem with hot glue. Gently fan out the petals.





Tie the personalized flower to wrapped gifts with paper twine or ribbon. And don’t forget let her know she can wear it as a pin after she’s opened all of her gifts.




Fairgoods is an online shop that sells type and fun gifts that use that type.

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