In the works: Pizzico Espresso Cups

The Pizzico Espresso Cup is one of the first products Palette Industries created, says co-founder Nathan Tremblay. “We went through the design process — from hand drawings to 3D models — and then into the prototype stages. They’ve been mulled over, pitched to various companies, and shelved for years, then revived by a manufacturing lead that was shared with us by a colleague.”

The idea came, as most good ideas do, from a practical need. Nathan loves coffee, but hates the little cups with “the most insignificant handles. Those handles don’t take into consideration the size of the individual’s hands.”

A color course correction

The leap from product design to creation often includes changes in materials and colors, and these cups are no different. They started out black, but as the process progressed, Palette realized it was the wrong choice for a few reasons. Nathan explains, “We were already asking the user to break from tradition with the form of the cup, so to ask them to break away from the traditional white seemed to be too much. Also, subtleties in the design were lost with a dark color, and we felt the porcelain should remain true to its natural state. And color consistency is easier to achieve, which makes it easier to manufacture.”

“The project was shelved for years, then revived by a manufacturing lead from a colleague.”


What Palette really loves about the cup is how it “pays homage to, but messes with, tradition. The curves, the handle, and how the cup and saucer nest together. It addresses functionality at a higher level, which makes the whole experience better.”

The Pizzico Espresso Cups are in the works. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

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